Hair Coloring

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Hair Coloring

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Hair coloring is one of the most fundamental necessities for women and men. From young to senior, we all enjoy a fresh look that reinvents us. While many younger clients enjoy trendier colors, our mature clients may only want gray coverage, and a more natural look. Julie can explain the maintenance required for all color types.

The Best Brands

Julie Ann is an expert hair stylist with decades of experience in hair coloring techniques. She only uses the best hair coloring brands that are guaranteed to provide rich color and 100% gray coverage — all while improving the health of your hair! Long gone are the days where hair coloring damages and dehydrates your hair.

Leave It to The Professionals

While you can buy hair coloring over the counter just about anywhere, hair coloring is one of the main hair salon staples that you should not try on your own. We have seen clients who have severely damaged their hair and some who have even lost their hair! The chemicals in hair coloring are not nice to your hair when not applied properly and removed in the proper timing.

With Julie Ann's competitive pricing, there is no reason to take chances with do-it-yourself hair color. While price will vary with the length of your hair, she offers a fair price on all of our hair coloring services. Whether you opt for full color, highlights, lowlights, or just a touchup, you will receive the most professional hair coloring service you have ever experienced, at a competitive price.

Discover why Julie Ann is the number one hair salon choice in Arlington, TX for hair coloring services. Call to schedule your appointment today!